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Overnight Camp

Campers come from all over the WORLD to experience these small unique overnight camps that HCF offers in the heart of the BIG LONE STAR STATE OF TEXAS!!!

Overnight horse summer camp at HCF is a great place to send your child for a first time horse camp experience or you can send your little equestrian year after year. The campers will be assigned different horses and enjoy the horse company daily. We enjoy horseback riding lessons both Western and English, horse care, trail riding lessons, swimming, games, arts and crafts and more. We bunk down each night in the old rustic bunk house (from an 1800’s post office) with great down home country cooking’ and have lots of fun while sitting around a camp fire telling stories about the day of horseback riding or from the past. The campers become part of the family here at our family operated horse riding school and make new everlasting friendships.

We accommodate horse lovers from ages 7-17 and all levels of horseback riders both boys and girls   Our equestrian summer camps, Girl’s Riding Camp and Boy’s Cowboy Camp, are very small (usually between 10-20) and they fill up fast. Our camps are designed for the outdoor type child and for the horse and animal lover.  

Check out the Camp Calendar for more details or Register for Camp today! Also see our Dates, prices, all new discounts and promotions including the early registration discount
Things your camper may learn at camp
  • Horse Grooming
  • Safe Handling of Horses & Riding
  • Tacking and Untacking
  • Horse Bathing
  • Wrapping/ Fitting Boots
  • Care of Tack and Boots
  • Horse Colors/ Breeds
  • Parts of the Saddle/ Bridle
  • Basic First Aid for Horses

Just look at everything we do at our summer overnight camp

  • Horse Activities Each day riders are on their horses for 2-6 hours for their daily horseback riding lesson. Every day includes grooming and tacking up their horses and then horseback riding in the morning and sometimes the evening after it cools down.  The kids will learn valuable riding skills, care for the horses and play some fun games. the campers spend hours with the horses learning everything horse related that we can squeeze in, including lessons in the arenas and on trail rides while maybe sharpening your riding skills and/or learning to jump, play mounted games ,bareback riding, or ride on the mini cross country course. The riding activities will be adjusted to the skill level of your child.The Campers will enjoy a variety of both horse related and not horse related activities. No horse experience is needed and we have many new riders every session! We have great reliable schoolmaster horses ready to tote around your beginner, or teach your educated young rider
  • Swimming: Our resident pool is awesome for our campers to cool off or relax under the beautiful oak trees! Depending on water levels we will occasionally swim in the local waterholes or the shallow rock bottom Blanco River running through Wimberley Texas. A certified life guard is present for all swimming activities.
  • Games: Our summer horse camps are run by our charismatic fun counselors & they have a vast variety of educational and fun games both on and off of our horses that they share with the kids! Learning leadership, discipline, communication skills, and self confidence are additional skills that we help your child develop!
  • Nature walks: Our beautiful location in the Texas hill country makes for picturesque nature walks and horseback trail ride lessons. The kids can find cool flat rocks to paint while hiking through our beautiful 45 acres in the Texas Hill Country.
  • Arts and crafts: Our campers and counselors will be able to express their creativity with our arts and crafts time and of course the fun talent show! Bring a T-Shirt from home to decorate as a keepsake from horse camp. We also do projects such as stained glass paintings, jewelry making, rock painting and more!
  • Petting zoo: If you have ever been to visit HCF you know that we are alive with critters! Our family includes a dog, 2 barn cats, lots of chickens and roosters, donkeys, miniature ponies, goats, and who knows what else
  • Demonstrations: The campers also enjoy our counselors/ trainer demo horseback rides this is great for campers to observe and learn about proper horse riding, and difficult techniques- plus it is just fun to watch.
  • Bunk House:  After a day filled with excitement the students will bunk down in the rustic old bunk house! They can watch movies on the big screen (g and pg rated only), eat popcorn or just talk with friends. The bunkhouse is situated behind the Doherty resident home nestled in the oak trees . Our camps are designed for the outdoor type of kids and animal lovers. In order to continue to offer our very unique horseback riding camps at such a low cost the bunk house is NOT Air Conditioned. It is equipped with big screened windows and fans. It is very open , airy and tall ceiling.
  • Occasional Visits to nearby Pioneer Town, Cowboy Museum, & old fashion Ice cream Parlor are possible -time permitting.
  • Beginner through advanced riders welcome!
  • NO television – a TV is available for movies (g or pg only) but is not available for TV programs.
  • Delicious Country Home Cooked meals for every meal!!

Weather? No problem! Along with the bunk house, we have plenty of activities for the campers to make use of if the weather gets wet! We watch educational (and non) DVDs, along with watching ourselves ride! On weather days we fill our day with pen, paper, and hands-on learning in the barn.

Our Camps are family-owned and operated and are very small and personalized. We do not have a schedule set in stone. Horseback riding and horse care are the main objective of our camps. We do include many other fun activities that might change from camp to camp. Weather of course can change a schedule drastically but we still always have lots of fun. Most of our activities are outdoors unless weather prohibits.

The campers are supervised at all times and are kept very busy. WE DO NOT ALLOW CELL PHONES OF ANY KIND. We have been offering these horse camps at our horse riding school for many years and children tend to get homesick when they talk to their parents. You are welcome to contact Marylaura to check on your child if absolutely necessary- e-mail is the best form of contact). We will contact you if there are any problems with your child.